Chatroulette dating

Why WizzCAM ?

  1. The Original chatroulette website* doesn't allow us to choose gender specifications! That's why WizzCAM has been launched : to offer a "dating" chatroulette for all of us.
    * Official website:
  2. Meet somebody has never been easier with WizzCAM
  3. You can filter the gender you want to speak with.
  4. You don't need to subscribe
  5. You could "next" people you don't want to speak with, and keep the others...
  6. Finaly, you can meet a girl or a man, as easily as possible.

How does it work ?

  1. WizzCAM is easy and free to use.
  2. If nobody inside, please be patient, or choose the chatroulette girl page.
  3. The only thing to do is to clic "next" :)
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